Mountain Gorillas and Primates, 13 days

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Gorila tracking in Uganda

There are two things to keep in mind when booking a gorilla trekking tour: the permit costs and the cost of the tour itself. All governments require everyone to get a permit to see the gorillas. The gorilla permit price in Uganda is $500 USD. The permits are issued by the government of the country where you will be scheduling your trek.  They are sold on first come first serve basis. It is always advisable to book your gorilla permit in time to avoid disappointments at last  hour. As of June 1st, 2012, Rwanda  increased  the gorilla permit fee to $750 USD. Uganda and Rwanda occasionally have promotions during the low season (April – May  and November) for as low as $350 USD mostly in Uganda.

Most gorilla families are constantly monitored and tracked so tourists are able to see them. Rarely are there situations when tourists do not see them, even on the shorter 3 day tours. On average, it is between $500 to $1000 for the tour, depending on the accommodation facility will use. People have different budgets , while others ca for luxury others will go for budget but will all track the same gorilla family and get equally satisfied for the tour taken with us.  When you have a larger group the costs go down since you are able to fill up the transportation vehicle.  Our 3 days gorillas tour cost for budget without cost of gorilla permit is as follows:

  • $780 for one person going alone on the trip
  • $455 per person for 2 people
  • $400 per person for 3 people
  • $380 per person for 4-6 people

Very advisable to book and pay for the gorilla permit in time just in case something happens . But there was nothing to worry about. You can even pay by cash, make sure you bring larger bills that were printed after the year 2006 otherwise anyone in Uganda won’t accept them.

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